Bottle Bureau in Chelmsford

“I exercise strong self-control.
I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast”
W.C. Fields

Bottle bureau is pioneering the standard for Chelmsford gin lovers offering a collection of over 165 gins from small batch and local distillers to leading global brands. Put simply, we love gin! Our gin fanatics can savour in excess of 9000 possible gin-based drink pairings deep underground the town in our relaxed, welcoming and industrially styled basement. We marry our gin obsession with a bar menu featuring new Gin cocktails and much-loved classics, a variety of carefully selected spirits, fine wines and craft beers.

This exclusive bar is an indulgent journey of discovery where new industrial tastes and unexpected combinations can be experienced and enjoyed in a comfortable setting. Everything is made with technical precision and comes beautifully balanced.

Bottle Bureau is a charming place where you can – alone or with others – experience great beer and gins, delicious meat and cheese plates, interesting people and great conversations.





"The Gin Act of 1736 imposed an annual fee of £50 (equal to about £20,000) on distillers of base spirits and the same again on gin rectifiers. Thus, it became traditional for London gin distillers to buy their base spirit rather than producing it in the distillery."



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